Time Management Training: Struggling to find enough time in the day?

Guest Blog from Rainmaker Kate Burton :

Time Management

We all have just 168 hours of time in our diaries to spend each week.

Budgeting wisely requires logical thinking and decision-making so that you feel satisfied with your time purchases.

Practical planning keeps the mental energy flowing.

Then you stay on track to concentrate on the most important things in your life as well as your work.

The formula for the 168 hour spending pattern is simple: the implementation may be more challenging,  requiring conscious determination and support along the way.

Step 1 Set Your Priorities
– know where you are going, your goals, big ideas and what’s important to you.

Step 2 Formulate a Plan
– with steps along the way and resources to help you.

Step 3 Take Action
– take the first step and then the next one without getting side-tracked.

Step 4 Review
– check the results you are getting, go back to the plan and adapt as necessary.


How do you really spend your days?

Consider your life as a bank account.
Here’s how it works: begin with a set income of 168 hours each week.

  • Identify the regular payments you make, the standing orders and direct debits of time.
    Break it down into how many hours do you give to work, your family, your friends, hobbies, your sleep?
  • What about travelling to work, checking email, tweeting?
    – Make a note of how you are actually spending your time, the key things you are voting for.
    – Consider how you actually spend your time compared with what you want to do with it.
  • Are you making conscious, deliberate choices based on your real priorities?
    – Decide which area to focus on to make time savings.
    (Television and Facebook may be stealing your time.)
  • Don’t choose to cut back on sleep. You need it!

Identify the first steps to move you along the way.
And ask for help if you’re struggling to keep on track.

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