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Just some of our amazing clients.

Our Accreditations

Our Coaches, Consultants and Trainers hold a number of accreditations from these highly respected organisations.

What does Rainmaker do?

Rainmaker Coaching helps clients to deliver extraordinary business performance.

We have achieved this through business coaching, training , workshop facilitation and sales win-loss analysis

What’s the Rainmaker Way?

Ask them, don’t tell them

We won’t try to tell you what to do
We’ll make suggestions and recommendations
Only you can decide
We’ll suggest that you don’t just TELL your people what to do, that you ask them too

Create your team’s joint destiny

Build Shared plans…. Not share built plans
By sharing a built plan you condemn yourself to have to SELL your plan
By building a shared plan people get involved and commit to their plan
We’ll show you how to involve your team in planning

Coaching your people

To change behaviour catch someone doing something well and praise them
You know that behaviour will not change by finding fault
Coaching takes a little longer, maybe requires more thought, but it is the only way

Outcome thinking…not problem thinking

By focusing on what you really want you will move towards it
Believe it, then you will see it don’t wait for “seeing is believing”

Have your clients buy….versus you trying to “Sell” them

Sell to them how you like to be sold to

Harnessing your People’s Desire to Succeed

We find that people wake up wanting to do a great job, they may just need new tools, skills, knowledge or new processes

Processes first, then people

We look at the processes first, then we look at the people operating the processes
Teams sometimes need new tools, skills, knowledge, new processes or all four

You’ll know how to do what we do, when we leave

Our objectives are to help you and your team to do what we do
We are happy to train trainers, help people facilitate to take over from us
We like to define projects with an end date
Even if you decide not to end it,  we review the decision not carry on regardless
Our plan is to have you independent of us at the end of projects

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Some of Rainmaker’s Services

Director and Executive Coaching

Director and executive coaching will help your senior team become better leaders and develop skills and the confidence to drive your business forward.  Working on all aspects of the person, from communication, dealing with people, confidence and much more.  A focused coaching program will help set goals and make sure your team reach and exceed them.

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Business Mentoring

Whatever business challenges you face, it is your team that will be responsible for delivering your business objectives. Business Mentoring services from Rainmaker will help your team focus on and achieve your objectives faster. Through effective business mentoring, Rainmaker mentors can help the senior members of your team set realistic, time orientated goals and help them achieve them. Our mentoring services include: Executive Mentoring and Sales Mentoring

Business Development Coaching

Business development coaching is perfect for reluctant sales people.
You may be a professional working in a business or a business owner who loves what they do, but doesn’t feel comfortable selling.

Many of us turn green at the thought of making sales calls and start to quake when we need to ask for an order.

This is natural, our preconceptions about selling are often wrong.
The stereotype of brash salesmen with a bag full of tricks cannot be further from the truth.

As a professional person, you can collect new customers like a magnet
You just need to learn the simple steps and practice them.

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Business Development Training

Your business has a massive untapped resource of business development opportunities.

Business development training helps unlock these, by leveraging employees across your business to look for and develop new sales and business development opportunities.

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Appraisals Skills Training

Your people are one of your biggest costs and one of your largest assets. Effective appraisals will ensure you get the most out of your team.

What’s the cost of a demotivated person in your organisation? Demotivation will increase the chance of the person leaving.

The cost of losing good people can be huge, What are your recruitment and training costs for replacing that person?

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Managing Remote Teams Training

Most organisations have, over the last ten years, re-engineered themselves to increase their focus on customer related activities and reduce operational costs. This has flattened management structures resulting in managers at all levels leading not only larger teams but teams geographically dispersed across a country, EMEA and or Worldwide.

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Workshop Facilitation

Rainmaker’s facilitators are experts who will help your team get the most out of any situation.  Whether it is an away day for your senior management team, a strategy session, a customer event or a workshop we have a facilitator who will help you achieve your goals.

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Business Strategy Planning Wordkshops

An outside facilitator from Rainmaker can help your senior team find solutions and conclusions that you may never reach on your own.  Based on the Business Planning of the most successful companies our business strategy and planning sessions will help you find the right strategy to meet your short and long term goals.  Rainmaker will build with you a powerful and motivating vision, detailing where you want to be at a point in time.

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Account Planning Workshops

Based on the Account Planning processes of the most successful selling companies, Rainmaker will take you from where you are today and create a vision of where you want to be in 2 years time.  All members of the team take part in creating the plan, therefore they own that plan and therefore highly motivated to carry it out and see it through to success.

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