Rainmaker Coaching will help you with all aspects of strategy from initial vision through to the leadership required to deliver the plan. We use our Purposeful Action Model to support teams develop a cohesive and creditable strategy. We can support the analysis phase with client, market and internal diagnostics alongside “So What” workshops.

We can run your strategy workshops in a virtual environment using our Adobe Connect Workshop platform. We can create share screens and documents, work in breakout rooms with whiteboards and sticky notes. Information canbe shared in plenary and we can capturing notes, minutes and actions. Recording of sessions can be sent to all delegates.

Strategy Workshop

Strategy is about change and all change starts with the individual. Our strategy workshops turn a compelling vision into achievable actions by the organisation. We always start with clarifying purpose and confirming the set of behaviours required for a successful organisational culture.

  • Agree the key questions to develop clarity of the current strengths and opportunities facing the team. This can be turned into a formal diagnostic
  • Develop purpose and meaning answering the question “why do we exist as an organisation”
  • Support the creation and development of a vision that is clear, concise memorable and inspiring
  • Get agreement on the key values and behaviours required for collaborative working
  • Synthesise the critical few activities that need to be done and create SMART plans for successful delivery
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Strategy & Leadership

We have many years experience of developing effective leaders that can turn vision into action using the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. We can work with intact teams and/or functions to create SMART plans for successful delivery.

  • Work with you to agree the key characteristics required for successful leadership in your organisation
  • Support a diagnostic phase to establish a leadership baseline
  • Design and develop the key interventions to develop your leaders (coaching, workshops, blended learning)
  • Help put in place the key systems to support ongoing learning and development
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Business Risk & Critical Incident Deployment

Strategic plans can be derailed by “low risk high impact” threats with consequential damage to reputation, client confidence and your brand. We have the proven expertise to help identify strategic business risks and put in place the practical plans and accountabilities to mitigate or minimise them.

  • Full “fit for purpose” audit of existing plans using our BRC maturity model
  • Full mapping of the critical threats and your business risk register
  • Leaders Ready Programme to ensure that those accountable and responsible have the knowledge and confidence to deliver against the unexpected.
  • Scenario planning and testing of capability
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HR Consulting

We can provide an external perspective on your HR strategy and planning using our in-house HR Consulting team. We can provide flexible, practical support through a range of consultancy packages, business support functions and ad-hoc services that allow you to focus on managing your business.

  • We design and deliver HR strategy planning events to support your HR resource, adding value at a strategic, cultural and practical level
  • We have experienced HR consultants who can provide contracted resource to your business as and when needed
  • We can advise on all people related matters from performance management, discipline and grievance, dismissal, absence, organisational restructuring and recruitment and selection
  • We can provide a virtual HR Team and Training Department, or a team to work on a specific project
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