Rainmaker Challenge # 3

Services businesses are desperate to turn their people into Business Developers.
Many face common challenges. This sequence of blogs attempts to help with common issues

Rainmaker Challenge#3:
Getting in front of the people with authority to buy services.

This challenge usually starts with a conversation
“I have trouble getting meetings with the people who have the ability to hire me.
How do I get to know these people and how do I get them to know me?”

Our suggestion is that you first start with your personal network.
Who do you already know that knows those decision makers?
Can you ask for introductions at a conference you are both attending?
Can you get one of your contacts to set up a lunch for the three of you?
Can you ask for permission to use a friend’s name when you contact the person?
If there’s no one in your network who knows the target prospect, work out where the persons spends time.
Look for venues where clients, potential clients and referral sources for the type of work that you do tend to congregate.
What organisations do they belong to? What conferences do they attend?
If you have trouble identifying these types of organisations, talk to your librarian and marketing team.
Once you’ve identified these places, show up there.
However do remember, building any funnel or book of business by attending networking events takes a long time.
It is highly unlikely to produce results in the short term, so plan on investing 3-5 years in the process.
(That’s why it’s always best to start with people you already know!)

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