Interviewer Skills Training: The perils of Interviewing “from the hip”

Do your managers rock up to the Interview with no preparation and proceed to interview candidates?

Does it feel a little like  “Shooting from the hip” .

Is asking random interview questions “on the fly”, taking no notes and making a snap decision, basically what goes on at your place of work?

Are candidates rejected for having “No Sparkle”…

(Our Interviewer Skills Training Workshop might help here)

You may need to publicise an article from the Business Doctor in the Sunday Times 9th June to them.

The question posed was
” A Candidate who failed to get a job claims I discriminated against her because of her age. How do I defend my case? I thought only employees could take you to a tribunal”

The answer came  from Kingston Smith LLP written by Peter Done MD of Peninsula.
and is summarised below …

“Legislation that protects individuals from being discriminated against extends to job applicants as well as employees.
This means that not only must employers treat their employees fairly…
they must extend fair treatment to everyone who applies for a job.

This woman could have a point.
You need to rebut her allegations by showing her that your decision to not employ her was based on merit.”

What’s Rainmaker’s view of how you can do this?

If you have attended the Rainmaker Interviewer Skills Workshop you will know that there is really only one way to do this.

  • Have a good paper trail to show her
    • An interview rating form including your notes on how you graded all the candidates
    • OR a general set of notes reflecting how each individual performed
    • Or Documentation showing that the individual you selected was the better candidate based on merit

If you’d like to see how easily (and cheaply) you can put this in place in your business call or email

What are the consequences of not being able to produce this evidence ?

  • Be open to allegations of unfair treatment from people who are interviewed for a living
  • Potentially being sued (as one of our clients was )
  • Having to pay legal fees and costs awarded in favour of the candidate you allegedly treated unfairly and discriminated against.
  • Face out of court settlements of many thousands of pounds to protect your name and reputation

If you want to avoid all of this email us at and ask about Interviewer Skills workshop