Interviewer Skills Training: Interviewer Skills tip # 3

Could a workshop to train all of the people who interview candidates for you save you work as well as improve your results?

One recent client of ours thinks so.

During a recent Interviewer Skills Training Workshop  it came to light that they were paying between 10 to 15% (of first years salary) to recruitment consultants.

They also revealed that they did their own CV screening.

We were able to show them how to conduct objective , fair and consistent approaches to screening.

We also showed them how to fully brief recruitment agents and how to very simply measure their performance.

They said that alone would save them an enormous amount of work , time and money.

Do you measure the value for money you get from recruitment agents?

Or are they just passing you a pile of CVs and getting you to do the real work? Oh and still getting their fee for doing that?

Would an Interviewer Skills Workshop help you get better value for money ?