Interviewer Skills Training: Interviewer Skills Tip # 2

Is an Interviewer Skills Training Workshop for all the people in your organization who interview potential employees great value for money?

One recent Rainmaker client definitely thinks so!

During our recent workshop during a particularly interactive session these facts emerged.

This particular client had spent £250K on recruitment consultants fees over the previous 12 months.

They also insisted that they conducted their own in-house interviews.

33% of new hires left after 12 months of working there.  You could conclude that £80k of that £250k was completely wasted ?

The reasons that the candidates / employees gave for leaving were that

1. They didn’t seem to fit in with the way we do things here

2. Job and company did not fit expectations

3. Some actually didn’t have the skills that they said they had at the interview!

We were able to show them how to probe and ask capability based questions that really uncovered whether candidates actually had the skills.
We also gave them values based questions that made the fit of person and company match clear.

Not bad for an Interviewer Skills Training Workshop for £1,500 for 9 interviewers in 2014.

What are the same numbers for your use of consultants and 12 month attrition rates .

Could you save a lot by spending a  little?

Let us know…