Interviewer Skills Training: Interviewer Skills Tip #1

Is a Interviewer Skills training workshop for all of the people who interview potential employees expensive? (2014 :£1,500 for up to 9 people).

A number of our clients do not think so

A recent client called the Rainmaker team in to run an Interviewer Skills Training workshop for them to prevent an occurrence of  an Out of Court Settlement that cost them £10k!!

A candidate ( who they later found out seems to make a living out of this) accused them of running a selection process that was discriminatory.

Unfortunately for them their documentation was so poor that they realized that should the case go to court they had no documentation to prove is was fair and Non-discriminatory.

Their lawyers advised them to settle.

How’s your  processes and your documentation concerning your Interviewing and Selection of potential employees?

Could this happen to you?

Do you have experiences of this?  Let us know.