Career Coaching: Wannabe Promoted? Need a Plan? #4

Continuing Rainmaker Career Coaching  Personal Promotion Plan

(we’d go through this with you as part of our Career Coaching Service)

Be a team player

  • So much of work is accomplished through teams – departmental or cross-functional
  • It is important to share successes with your team
  • Avoid pointing your finger when there are failures.
  • By being a team player, you will build your reputation and increase your value to the organisation.

Don’t fight Change…..  Embrace it

  • If you can’t seem to cope with change many bosses will find it hard to promote you
  • If it’s revising your hours, budget or team, don’t moan about how unhappy you are
  • Actively seek ways of making the changes work for you

Ask for more responsibilities first before asking for more cash

  • Volunteer to help out other departments or teams
  • Ask for more responsibilities
  • Asking for more work shows your interest and desire to help your company to succeed
  • It also puts a spotlight on your value to the organisation.

Create your own opportunities

  • Study the challenges of the organisation
  • If you see an area that has been neglected
    • and you have key skills in that area
    • write a proposal for a new position
  • Even if the company does not go for the new position…
  • You have shown your initiative, creativity, and value to the firm
  • These things can only help you the next time you request a promotion.

Prepare for a “no not this time”

  • When you’re denied a promotion, actually it is one of the best time to lay foundations for the future
  • Ask when you can reapply:
    • in three or six months
    • or after a certain milestone has been achieved, i.e. landing a number of new clients
  • Follow up with an email thanking your manager for their time and confirming the details you discussed

That’s the end of the Rainmaker Personalised Promotion Plan …

I really hopes it helps you in your career..

What is your promotion plan?

Tell me what you plan to do