Career Coaching :Wannabe Promoted ? Need a Plan? #3

Here’s Rainmaker’s Personal Promotion Plan

(We’d go through this and other topics as part of our Career Coaching Service)


Acquire new knowledge and skills

  • Expand your knowledge and skills sets in areas that are critical to the organisation
  • Technology and other forces change rapidly
  • You need ever-increasing skills not only to perform your job, but to stay marketable.
  • Employees who want to get ahead should keep current with industry news and events
  • However pay attention to trends and events outside of your area too

Become a Master Office politian

  •  Relationships with others become more important as your career advances.
  • Senior roles demand a higher level of political sensitivity,
  • Show that you can navigate the minefield of office politics.
  • Communicate openly and transparently
  • If you must confront someone about a situation, go through formal channels.

Continuously Build your Network

  •  It really is not enough to work very hard if nobody knows about you.
  • Let people know who you are
  • Let people know your strengths and abilities
  • Let them know your value to the organistion
  • Let them know at least some of your ambitions
  • That way your name will more likely be discussed when opportunities arise.
  • One added benefit of networking is that you will learn much more about the company if you network with people in other areas of the organisation.

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