Career Coaching :Wannabe Promoted ? Need a Plan? #1

Here’s Rainmakers Suggested Personal Promotion Plan

Do not pass GO if you are not doing the best you can in your current position.

  • Excellent performance reviews are absolutely necessary to get you a promotion
  • Not sufficient but necessary
  • Good attendance, punctuality and going the extra mile are also up there too
  • Give this a little thought…
    • If you show up 5 minutes early and leave a little later
    • And that turns into a promotion…
    • How much extra income could that be over your lifetime?
    • Let’ say the initial promotion earns you £4k a year more.
    • It’s rare that people’s salaries go down over their working life.
    • Now let’s times the £4k by 20 years …Hmmm £80k
  • Now do you think that getting up 5 minutes early is worth it??

Self-market not a self-promote

  • Self-marketing focuses on the buyer and doesn’t project an ego.
  • Your communication should have lots of “You”s in it not Lots of “I”s in it…
  • Try this test…
    • Count up the “I”s and “You”s in 10 of your last commmunications
    • (Sometimes the “I”s disguise themselves as “We”s) …
  • If your communications have more “I”s than “You”s you are probably self promoting
  • Try to re-word your communications to have “You”s.. You’ll get the hang of it quickly
  • Ask yourself
    • What’s your employer’s biggest challenge?
    • How can you help them overcome this?
  • Market yourself – and let it be known that you are seeking a promotion.
    • Share any accomplishments, compliments and accolades with your bosses

Let me know how you get on with these … Any ideas that work for you?


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