Career Coaching :Wannabe Promoted ? Need a Plan? #1

Here’s Rainmaker Career Coaching Suggested Personal Promotion Plan

(We’d go through this with you as part of our Career Coaching Service)

Do not pass GO if you are not doing the best you can in your current position.

  • Excellent performance reviews are absolutely necessary to get you a promotion
  • Not sufficient but necessary
  • Good attendance, punctuality and going the extra mile are also up there too
  • Give this a little thought…
    • If you show up 5 minutes early and leave a little later
    • And that turns into a promotion…
    • How much extra income could that be over your lifetime?
    • Let’ say the initial promotion earns you £4k a year more.
    • It’s rare that people’s salaries go down over their working life.
    • Now let’s times the £4k by 20 years …Hmmm £80k
  • Now do you think that getting up 5 minutes early is worth it??

Self-market not a self-promote

  • Self-marketing focuses on the buyer and doesn’t project an ego.
  • Your communication should have lots of “You”s in it not Lots of “I”s in it…
  • Try this test…
    • Count up the “I”s and “You”s in 10 of your last commmunications
    • (Sometimes the “I”s disguise themselves as “We”s) …
  • If your communications have more “I”s than “You”s you are probably self promoting
  • Try to re-word your communications to have “You”s.. You’ll get the hang of it quickly
  • Ask yourself
    • What’s your employer’s biggest challenge?
    • How can you help them overcome this?
  • Market yourself – and let it be known that you are seeking a promotion.
    • Share any accomplishments, compliments and accolades with your bosses

Let me know how you get on with these … Any ideas that work for you?