Career Coaching : The Trap Door Question:

On an initial interview the interviewers questions often begin with:  “Tell me about yourself”

This is one of the most common interview questions.


(We;d cover this kind of topic and others in the Career Coaching Service )

You need to have your answer formulated.

The questions to ask yourself is Where to start, where to end and what to focus on!

Prepare well for this question and you can use it as a great opportunity to sell yourself.
Prepare it badly and it can be a trap-door question.
That’s where the interviewer is reaching for the “End the interview trap-door” lever.

You will need to frame your answer to highlight how your skills, knowledge and experience relate to the job and the company profile.
The interviewer wants to know if you will fit in with the rest of the team, their department and the company.

The interviewer is also trying to find out what motivates you and whether it is consistent with what the job and the company offer.

If you are still talking 10 minutes later about where you were born and grew up, or what pets you have, or how much your enjoy contemporary music then the probability is the trap door is opening. These kind of statements are not likely to show the interviewer why you are a good candidate for the job opportunity.
Make your interview answer relevant to the job role, the company and it’s style.
For this question all of that needs to take around 2 to 3 minutes maximum.

You can practice this on your partner, on a parent, on a peer, on a colleague and with your coach if you have one.

It should not be the same every time because every job role every company will be different however there should be a few common elements.

Keep the trap-door firmly shut by practicing answering this question.