If you want to attract more customers

but aren’t a sales person…

Then Business Development Coaching is what you need.

Business development coaching is perfect for reluctant sales people.
You may be a professional working in a business or a business owner who loves what they do, but doesn’t feel comfortable selling.

Many of us turn green at the thought of making sales calls and start to quake when we need to ask for an order.

This is natural, our preconceptions about selling are often wrong.
The stereotype of brash salesmen with a bag full of tricks cannot be further from the truth.

As a professional person, you can collect new customers like a magnet
ou just need to learn the simple steps and practice them.

Our business development coaching program takes you by the hand and helps you sell without ‘selling’.
You become a trusted advisor, an expert in your field.
We help you leverage this position to close business as a normal part of your every day activities.

What is Business Development Coaching?

Your business development coach will guide you through what you need to know to make the shift from where you are now to a place where closing new clients is just second nature.

The business development coaching sessions will focus on:

  • More comfortable asking for business
  • More confident as business developers
  • More efficient by developing a “marketing mindset”,
  • They integrate business development into daily activities.

How does Business Development Coaching Work?

  • We have an initial session in which you assess your business development strengths.
  • We then co-create and articulate a vision for your practice.
  • We’ll guide you to develop a business development plan focused on high-potential clients and high-payoff activities.
  • Every two weeks, you will speak by telephone to your coach .
  • You’ll discuss your progress in implementing your business development plan.
  • During these coaching sessions, you’ll determine what is and is not working.
  • You’ll refine your plan and maximise its effectiveness.
  • Each session ends with specific action steps for you to take prior to the next coaching session.
  • Throughout the coaching relationship, clients can receive additional support by email

If our Business Development or Rainmaker Coaching program looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

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What are the Business Development Coaches like?

Our business development coaches are people who:

  • Have a wealth of business development experience to bring to you
  • Quickly grasp your needs and the nature of your business
  • Are experienced services team managers in most cases
  • Know that we need to deliver on our promises
  • Will help you to bridge the gap between current and desired performance

Who would actually deliver Business Development Coaching ?

Examples of our Coaches and Mentors 

If our Business Development Coaching program looks like something that would suit you…

What should you do now?

Call us now on: 0333 444 1955

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